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Targeted MLM Lead: 8 Tips for Generating a Targeted MLM Lead

December 4th, 2009 No comments

targeted mlm lead“Oh I’d love to attract a targeted MLM lead” my friend said to me the other day.

It’s the dream of most Network Marketers.

How would you like to  attract exactly the right kind of people into your MLM (Network Marketing) Business, over and over again-for free?

The kind of people who are interested in exactly your products or your MLM business opportunity?

Where you don’t have to pay to generate them at all?

Many of you may already have realised that the methods used in traditional MLM don’t seem to generate enough prospects- and those that do come in are very often the wrong type.

They are not a targeted MLM Lead.

Worse still, these methods take up alot of time and very often leave a hole in your wallet!

There are many reasons for this, and Ann Sieg’s groundbreaking book, The Renegade Network Marketer outlines them very clearly.

If you haven’t already read the book, I suggest you pick up a copy and read it!

Suffice it to say that the book has caused a revolution in MLM with the result that modern day network marketers are moving online to attract their leads to them.

They’re dumping their names lists and putting an end to cold calling.

They’ve stopped spending thouands of dollars buying leads.

The internet is a fantastic tool for targeting the right people and sifting your prospects.

This makes lead generation almost a science.

It cuts out the time wasted chatting to people who really have no interest in what you have to say.

Best of all, you can generate your own targeted MLM leads for free.

So, exactly HOW do you attract a targeted MLM Lead? Read on, because I’ll give you a starting point.

8 Tips for Generating a Targeted MLM Lead

Generate a Targeted MLM Lead Tip No 1-Use a Funded Proposal/ affiliate marketing to sift them:

funded proposals2We all know that the right prospects are people who have a high chance of buying your product and/or bizz opp. To keep it simple, the two things that really make for good prospects are:

1. They want what you have, because it fulfills a need or solves a problem.

2. They find you and are attracted to you because of the way you have positioned yourself:

As an expert in their field of interest.

Using a funded proposal or affiliate product is where you present a lower cost product or training course to your prospect, before asking them to join you in your MLM or buy your MLM products.

If you’re attracting business builders and you present them with an affordable home study course that’ll help them build a business, three things happen:

1. If they buy it, you know they are serious about building a business because they’re prepared to pull out their wallet and actually buy something!

2. You make a commission on the sale and earn upfront cash BEFORE they even sign up into your MLM/buy your MLM product.

2. You’re seen as a trusted advocate. (You refer them to good stuff to help them) without pitching your MLM opportunity.

Using a funded proposal is the BEST way to sort the tire kickers from the serious prospects.

Once the leads are in your  MLM Sales Funnel , you’ll see clearly who the serious people are and you can call them to further develop the relationship.

What’s more, you don’t mind doing that because………..

1. You’ve been paid already

2. You know they’re serious so it’s less chance of wasting your time.

Generate a Targeted MLM Lead Tip No 2 : Know what the need or problem is in the first place.

problem assessmentThis is what “defining your target market” is all about.

In Network Marketing traditionally there has been a gross lack of training in this area.

Most of us were taught to pitch our deal or hard sell our products to everybody and anybody.

Ann Sieg outlines this old School myth “that everybody’s your prospect” well in her FREE Seven Great Lies E book.

The secret is taking your time to really get to know what your target market’s needs are.

What are they thinking about, dreaming about, wishing for, finding hard in their lives?

What books and articles to they read?

What do they want to change and how are they going about it?

You need to know what their unique problems may be.

A useful way to define your target market and generate targeted MLM leads, is to think of roughly four target markets in Network Marketing:

The 4 major target markets are:(There are literally 1000’s of sub niches)

1. Product leads

2. Company specific opportunity leads

3. Home business & general opportunity leads

4. Existing network marketers

Now lets take a look at generating targeted MLM product leads.

Lets take an example of skin care products.

You might want to be selling to people who have never looked after their skin, they’re getting older and are more concerned about appearances.

Perhaps they are into anti aging in a big way, and wrinkles and skin blemishes happen to be their topic of interest.

Or maybe you want to sell to people who have already bought skin care products in the past and were not happy with the results or are looking for something to improve on what they’re using.

This is a great target market because it’s likely they will buy similar products again.

You’ll find that there are many target markets (niches) within a broader target market.

And you’ll need to get to know each target market intimately.

There are great sites like and where you can scope out your specific target market’s needs.

Its a bit of extra work, but well worth the effort if you want a targeted MLM Lead.

Generate a Targeted MLM Lead Tip No 3: Use the Power of Education and Pre Selling

educational sellingIt’s a good idea to educate your prospects. Depending on what target market you’ve chosen and what their particular issues are, that’s where you’ll step in to provide useful information.

Say you’re going for customers who want to have healthy glowing skin and remove wrinkles. (And are repeat buyers in this market!!)

It’ll be a good thing to talk about about why their products didn’t work before.

You might write something on how oil based skin care products can’t be absorbed into the skin.

You might explain why it is important not to use cleansers with the wrong PH balance, as it stresses the skin and strips it of its natural lipids, making it more dehydrated.

You might outline some reasons why some products are not effectively absorbed into the skin- and some treatments known to effectively help with absorption.

Then you offer ‘real” solutions that will attract them.

Perhaps your products are water based and have the right PH balance.

Perhaps you have a home treatment system that can optimise absorption, removing dehydration and thus preventing wrinkles!

In this way you have really “hit the spot” by relating to their unique needs and solving a real problem for them.

Generate a Targeted MLM Lead Tip No 4: Position Yourself as a Trusted Expert

expertBy educating your prospects, like in the example given above, you have effectively positioned yourself as a helpful expert, educating them along the way.

They have learned to know and trust you.

And all you’ve done, is really enter into a conversation they’ve been having inside their heads already.

People love to buy, but they hate being pounced on and sold to.

This is the art of pre selling.

Generate a Targeted MLM Lead Tip No 5 : Use  Social Marketing- its FREE

social_mediaOk, now that you understand how to become intimate with your target market and position your self as an attractive expert, you need to actually set up your marketing to bring them to you!

There are many online techniques that can advertise your link, but by far the most cost effective is to use social marketing methods.

You can get your message in front of thousands of targeted MLM leads for free.

For beginners, I advise putting content up at various social sites and marketing your link that way.

Good ones to start with are Squidoo, Hub Pages, FaceBook, Ezine Articles, YouTube and of course Twitter.

Generate a Targeted MLM Lead Tip No 6 : Submit your educational, enlightening and entertaining content to article directories and content sites- for maximum exposure!

ezine articlesWhen you post your article at Squidoo or Hub Pages etc, you need to make  sure your content is relevant and interesting to your target market.Ask yourself- “Is this educational, enlightening or entertaining?”

One thing that will go along way, is if you have a catchy headline that draws them in.

Here’s an Example: Your title could be “Why your skin care products could be doing more harm than good”. (Educational, slightly controversial)

When you  submit it to a site like Squidoo or Hub pages, or an Ezine directory many publishers get to see your article.

Ezine directories are great.

It’s where publishers go to search for relevant content to publish in their Ezines.

An Ezine is an electronic magazine which is delivered to people who ask for it (subscribers) via email. Also known as a newsletter.

They are delivered to a very targeted group of readers.

People who want to know more about skin care and anti aging, buy skin care products and they read ezines about skin care and beauty.

Find an Ezine that publishes articles (publishers are always looking for good quality free content), and if your article is well written and talks to publishers target market, they will publish it in their Ezine.

Generate a Targeted MLM Lead Tip No 7: Use  Keyword Research

keyword researchIf you’re posting to Squidoo and Hub Pages, you will want the communities to find you from within the site, and the surfers to find you on the search engines. You’ll also want Google to rank you high up on its pages for the keywords your target market types in.

This is where it becomes important to use the right key words.

Think of the key words your target audience might be typing in.

Do some research on those keywords using a keyword tool, like Wordtracker’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Tip: When you use the free keyword tool, your results should lie between 20-300 (thats the number of people searching for your key word per day).

If you come up with a score of 500, look for a more specific term. (Chances are this word is too competitive)

If your score is 2000 (for example the keyword “network Marketing”)- don’t even go for it!

Its way too broad and highly competitive (meaning there are too many other marketers bdding for high search rankings on that term)

If its under 30 per day, there are simply not enough people typing in that key word!

So here you can see the demand for the word (how many people are typing it in) and the competition for the word (how many people are trying to optimize on it, to compete for first page ranking on the search engines).

You can also get ideas for using other, less competitive but related key words.

Generate a Targeted MLM Lead Tip No 8: Use Search Engine Optimisation

seo2When you write and post your articles, make sure your title, tags and content “tell” the search engines what keywords you are optimising for.

  • It’s a good idea to “say it first and say it often”- but make your text read naturally.
  • Sprinkle keywords throughout your text and use them in headlines and sub headlines.

There are further linking strategies you can get your content up on the search engine rankings so that your article pops up when your prospect types your key word in!

Click here for a more comprehensive article on Search Engine Optimisation.

Our MLM Home Study Course teaches you step by step how to attract targeted MLM leads.

Click Here for the complete 5 step system training course, savvy mlmers in training course

Put Your MLM Biz Online

Put Your MLM Biz Online

How To Find Your Niche:Finding Your Niche Within Your Network Marketing Business

August 10th, 2009 2 comments

nichemarketingbullseyeHow to Find Your Niche: Finding Your Niche within your Network Marketing Business is not as difficult as you may think!

Firstly you need to know what a niche market is. A niche market is a definable group of people with a specific interest or need.They can also be called target market or niche target market.

Finding a niche market just means finding a sub target market or sub category of people interested in  a specific solution or having a specific interest or need.

Once you do your niche market research, you can provide solutions to them- and if you are in Network Marketing (MLM), some of your products or services may well be the solutions they are looking for. There could also be other (non MLM ) products- like E books or other info products (audio downloads, video downloads, membership sites, coaching services etc)- that answer to your target market’s needs.

Of course, your Unique Selling Proposition is the heart of the matter-making your product stand out from the crowd. Its what makes people want to buy from YOU. Its your marketing strategy and your business mission.

So, to give an example- in the category of “natural skin care” a niche, or sub category could be “natural skin care for excema sufferers”.

An even narrower niche might be “natural skin care for teenage excema sufferers”.

Generally speaking, the narrower you can make your niche the more focused you can be on providing information  to that particular segment of the population and the more relevant your marketing message is going to be to their particular, specific concerns and issues.

How to Find Your Niche within your MLM Range of Products or Services- Find Your Story

Very often when you join a Network Marketing Opportunity, you are taught to “go out there and find whoever is interested in your MLM Products and Business Opportunity”.

This is a generalised approach and what one finds happening is your target market is too broad and doesn’t really focus on any segment of the poulation’s particular problem, need or desire.

When you speak to a general broad market, you generally speak to nobody!

So for example if you’re in the Nutritional or wellness industry, it’ll be a really good idea to narrow down your focus and select a product that has a solution for a specific ailment or health care issue.

A good friend of mine did exactly this with great success.

He suffered from sinus problems and after taking his MLM Product, he found that he was able to prevent his recurring infections from coming back to haunt him.

Now, his MLM has nutritional supplements for many many different types of problems and health issues- but he decided to focus on the sinus sufferers as his targeted niche market.

All his marketing content, messages and products are focused on the needs and concerns of sinus sufferers.

More specifically, he is targeting people who want to PREVENT sinus suffering, rather than continue treating only the symptoms.

He has also decided to focus on individuals who are averse to taking drugs to solve their problems.

He is targeting people looking at natural remedies for sinus prevention. So instead of going out there and flogging his company, its products and its compensation plan, he is actually targeting a niche market of people with a particular problem, wanting a particular solution.

He is then able to provide them with the answer to their problems (in the form of information and products), and in that way, introduce his MLM products to his prospects.

Some will have such good results that they’ll eventually sign on as distributors within his downline.

How to Find Your Niche: Where to Begin

A good place to start is to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do u know a lot about?
  2. What are you passionate about
  3. What do you do every day?
  4. What have you overcome in your life?

This will narrow down your focus and allow you to target exactly the questions and concerns your ideal clients have.

Have you noticed how the Network Marketing heavy hitters all use their “how I overcame” story?

Usually the story starts off with how their life was before joining XYZ Company…and moves to how his life is now. This is a great business marketing strategy, allowing many listeners to identify with the leader and have hope that they too will succeed, just like he did.

If you can craft a story relating to your MLM product (how your particular problem was treated/solved) or your MLM business building efforts (how you were able to generate leads or make a profit or succeed in some area of business, start paying off your debt, put your kids in a better school, stay at home with your kids etc), you already have a head start.

You will be able to talk to a specific target market with authenticity-  in such a way that your audience is able to identify with you. You instantly become a likeable character and someone your prospects can relate to and trust.

Luckily, most of us started in MLM because the products did so much for us. If this is the case, use this as your starting point. But it goes much deeper than that.

After you’ve formed a general idea of the niche you’d like to focus on, its time to do some keyword research.

How To Find Your Niche: Do Your Keyword Research

Go over to

Its a free keyword tool that’ll help you get an idea of what people are typing into Google and how many searches are being performed on keywords related to your niche.

Start by typing in a generic term  for example, knitting.

You’ll see that there are around 2063 searches/day for free knitting patterns!

When you’re looking at analysing the results of your research, for your generic keyword (e.g knitting), make sure there are at least 300 searches per day for that keyword.

Less than this probably means there’s not really a market for your chosen niche.

Then take a look at related keywords: For example you’ll find 275 searches per day for the word ” knitting needles”.

Ideally you’d like to have lots of related keywords that have lots of people searching on them!

Of course, one can always use Google to get an excellent idea of what’s going on (or not!) within your niche.

When you do a Google search- look in the left hand side for the organic results.

Ideally you should look for returns from around 30 000-50 000 pages on your topic. (More than this could mean your niche is too broad).

Also remember to look for paid adverts too. If there are quite a few people selling info products, you’ve probably found a lucrative niche!

How to Find Your Niche: Finding Additional Products for a Niche (or finding a fit with your MLM Products)

The goal here is to really find out what the target market’s specific problems, issues and concerns are. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine your prospect sitting over coffee with their best friend saying:” I’ve gotta do something about my…………………(fill in the blank!)”

If your target market is excema sufferers who want natural skin care products- and your MLM provides that – great!

But there are other ways of providing your audience with what they need as well. For example, information on excema and natural skin care. An E book on this would be an excellent way of pre selling your prospect, educating them about natural skin care solutions for excema and priming them to buy your products.

If you don’t have your own E book, you can start recommending existing affiliate products/books.

Buy some affiliate products related to your niche and promote them as an affiliate.

You can do this by doing a search on Google…find affiliate programmes that are out there that are selling a product that your target market would enjoy. (For example an E book on Sinus Treatment or Excema)

Sign up for the author’s newsletter and actually buy their products as well. It makes for a much better recommendation when you write your emails to your list.

Always think of your customer as a living breathing person. Try and be specific about them- who they are and what their issues are.

This is called having a customer avatar- the ideal customer you want to attract to you.

When you communicate with them, keep the picture of them in your mind.

Clickbank is also a great place to get digital affiliate products.

They are inexpensive too- so try them out! Just do a search in Clickbank’s Market Place.

Type in the key words related to your niche.

Other places to go are Commission Junction (CJ) and

Spend a lot of time finding the right niche. Find the niche first, then find out what they’re looking for (ask them) and then give them what they want.

Promote affiliate programmes first (to get some money coming in).

Then write the E book.

If they’re  saying : I like it, I love it, I want more of it…you have a profitable niche (rabid buyers who love that topic!)

Finding a Niche is probably the single most important thing you need to to before to start with your marketing efforts.

If you’d like to know more about Niche Marketing and finding your Niche within your MLM, you can always contact me or visit put Your MLM Biz Online, to join the Savvy MLMers in Training Club.

How to Find Your Niche: Niche Finding Training Resources:

Free Resources

Attraction Marketers Manifesto (pg 59-66)

Lots of Niches PDF

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (Inside Renegade University)

Paid For Tools

SBI’s Niche Find It Tool

Niche Marketing 101 (Inside Renegade Professional)

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